Open Financial Records Policy

Chicago Public Media, Inc. (“CPM”) is a public radio station that serves under the guidelines and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission. CPM receives financial support, annually, from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (“CPB”).

CPM is audited annually by independent public accountants and submits annually an Annual Financial Report (“AFR”) to the CPB.

CPM makes available to the public:

  • all financial reports as contained in the audited AFR
  • annual audited financial statements, and
  • other financial reports submitted to the CPB.

Annual Financial Reports (and Auditor’s Opinion thereon) as well as Independent Auditor’s Reports may be viewed in the Financials section of this website. 

Any member of the public who is interested in reviewing these documents in person is advised to contact:

Chicago Public Media, Inc. Public Files Custodian
848 E. Grand Ave. Chicago, IL 60611
Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Documents may be copied for a nominal fee.